Here’s to all the World-Changers who are Not Billionaires

I’ve been meaning to getting around to writing about Anand Giridharadas’ book, “Winners Take All,” but I wanted to finish Douglas Rushkoff’s, “Team Human,” first.  That all changed yesterday.

I’m taking a departure from writing about #5G to share my tearful joy about a post shared yesterday on Facebook by one of our network Change Agent colleagues, Harald Schirmer over in Germany at Continental AG, the automotive manufacturer.

Please watch the short video after reading this post:

When we established Change Agents Worldwide, it was our intention to inspire leaders and internal change agents to create the conditions where an environment like the one described in the video above now exists.

The healthy criticism (such as Giridharadas’) levied against those who purport to want to change the world, but are not interested in giving up their luxurious lifestyles, nor the practices that led to the soul-sucking rot that is hollowing out our worldwide economies and contributing to societal unrest is fair and necessary.

Yet, I am here to tell you, we are also here (uncelebs out here in the wilderness on the internet) embedded in global corporations and advising them. There are many of us who believe there is a better way. It’s taken some time, but change agents are making a difference in their quiet and understated ways. While they’re not throwing around billions and press releases, they are inspiring movements and heartfelt human connection.

In the panoply of negativity we’re exposed to daily via the outrage culture of social media and 24-hr news cycles, as Harald mentions, I’m still holding out for the meek to inherit the earth. We can do that quietly and faithfully by trusting each other, and connecting to others who share our values.