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Stop ‘Yer Sobbin’ – Texas Remix

Tweet So, I feel compelled to blog a little this weekend addressing the angst that is circulating around the social web on the death of e20/social business/etc.  I’m not going to dazzle you with brilliant insights on what’s happening, why things are difficult, why change has been hard to do.  I’ve chronicled a lot of […]

Going Rogue: Taking a Leap of Faith – in Humanity, the Social Web, and the Brilliance of Marshall Kirkpatrick

Tweet So, I’m alone again, naturally.* I have been letting friends know over the past few weeks that I resigned from my incredibly great new position at 7Summits.  It was not them; it was me.  The more I got into the thick of the work, I realized I am far too independent for a real […]

Setting Sights on New Heights with 7 Summits!

Tweet Announcing my new gig today! [Press Release]  I’ve accepted an offer to work for a gutsy startup with big plans: 7 Summits. Based out of Milwaukee and Chicago, this fast-growing team has been #killingit building award-winning Jive communities that succeed on a foundation of strategy and solid user experience to deliver clearly articulated business […]

Working Out Loud*

Tweet It occurred to me recently that my blogging has all but slammed to a screeching halt.  Since the Council was bought by Dachis Group, I’ve barely managed to blog at all, and my tweeting has wound down considerably, as well.   This is not to say I’ve slowed down with social engagement, in fact, […]

Social is as Social Does

Tweet One of the greatest joys of owning your own business is you get to break the rules when it’s warranted.  We have a hard and fast rule about Council membership that states only large enterprises can join with more than 10K employees.  Chris McGrath of ThoughtFarmer referred Ephraim Freed to me when we were first getting started. […]

For Ada Lovelace Day: The other Esther Dyson

Tweet It’s hard to not think of Esther Dyson on a day that recognizes women in Science and Technology.  I’m not the first to write about her for Ada Lovelace day, but I hope to reveal a side of Esther that will serve to inspire women everywhere. I first met Esther in 1989, I believe.  I was working […]



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Susan Scrupski

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A longtime believer in technology for social good, Susan turned her professional attention to solving a seemingly intractable social problem.In 2014 Susan founded Big Mountain Data – a social impact startup dedicated to applying technology solutions to combat the hidden-in-plain-sight societal epidemic of intimate partner violence and abuse.