Yep. Sexual Harrassment. Mother's Day special. Read the Globe for the scoop. Incidentally, there were some unsavory comments on the Yahoo Financial Bulletin Board reporting eye witness accounts of Brian Keane's behavior at a recent company event. Regardless, the Keane board elected to remove him after considering all the evidence and allegations. For women everywhere who have been victims of real sexual harrassment, I hope this is a victory.

For the record: I was sexually harassed as a young woman in my early career at EDS. As a young professional woman, not wanting to jeopardize my future, I only talked about it to my peers. Enough women had a problem with this particular manager, and to EDS' management's credit, the manager was fired within the year. And this was in the 80s before litigation was so crippling….

Author: Susan Scrupski

Longtime fan of technology to improve humanity.