Tweaking the Bizplan

Because of my involvement with a hot startup software company, I've been doing a lot of research/reading on what Business 2.0 is calling the "Next Net." This raging interest in the the web (again) and new digital platforms is serving up new, explosive opportunities for all firms in the IT Services sector.

"We are in the early stages of what might be better thought of as the Next Net. The Next Net will encompass all digital devices, from PC to cell phone to television. Its defining characteristics include the ability to interact instantaneously with any of the more than 1 billion Web users across the globe — not by, say, instant messaging, but by evolving instant-voice-messaging and instant-video-messaging apps that will make today's e-mail and IM seem crude.

The Next Net is deeply collaborative: People from across the planet can work together on the same task, and products or tools can be rapidly tweaked and improved by the collective wisdom of the entire online world." Business 2.0

Therefore, in the process of refining my focus, I've decided to focus exclusively on this new area of "digital innovation" in the IT Services marketplace. The interactive agency sector will certainly be covered within this spectrum, but I'm expanding my coverage on the blog and for my business to include all client engagements and project work that fits within these parameters.

Author: Susan Scrupski

Longtime fan of technology to improve humanity.