You say you want a revolution? We-e-ll, ya kno-ow…we all want to change the world…

I knew these worlds would collide (the Interactive Agency market and Enterprise 2.0). Shiv Singh at the Enterprise Solutions practice at Avenue A | Razorfish published this primer yesterday explaining Web 2.0 for the Enterprise. It’s a cultural tectonic plate shift taking place.

His summary spells out my argument:

Web 2.0 (its technology and values) is here to stay. The web is not about publishing content and making it available to employees, partners, and customers. That was Web 1.0. This time it’s about letting those customers, partners, and employees take control of the online experience.

I love the fact he paired technology and values. I would lead with values. Values are what drive revolutions; the techology is an enabler.

Author: Susan Scrupski

Longtime fan of technology to improve humanity.