Office 2.0 in SF: It’s the “IT” (the hip word, not Information Technology) conference for the Fall

Office 2.0 conference

Office 2.0 conference,
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I’m experimenting with flickr. Here is the button for the Office 2.0 conference. What’s neat about this conference is the grassroots effort that is behind its organizing, collaborating, and showcasing.

Let’s see what happens when I hit “post entry…”

Author: Susan Scrupski

Longtime fan of technology to improve humanity.

3 thoughts on “Office 2.0 in SF: It’s the “IT” (the hip word, not Information Technology) conference for the Fall”

  1. Susan, I love the stuff – would not be helping Ismael or writing nice stuff about it…but it’s like asking to praise only one of your 10 kids…there really is so much innovation going on that I have a seperate blog on techinnovation…pardon me for being just as excited about a few other areas like predictive analytics and mobility…

  2. Yikes! I’ll correct the date. Thanks. As for 1.6, I hear ya’ bud, but I think the mission is simplification here. I am going to let you “boys” argue the merits of what’s in and what’s out. As all these technologies progress and converge (despite our human bickering), crowd wisdom will define the space through adoption in the Enterprise. Borrowing from James Carville, stop looking at the technology: it’s the people, stupid. (Vinnie– you know I love you and the brilliance of you bloggers weighing in on this humbles me, but I beg you to look at the socio-cultural dynamics that are driving the move toward their adoption in the Enterprise.) See Jerry Bowles’ “Me Media” post which covers blogs, wikis, and social media. Add widgets, ad hoc situational apps, mashups, and some of what I’ve seen in the knowledge management space and hey, it’s business-not-as-usual, but very seductive to the smart knowledge worker who wants and now has access to… instant gratification.

  3. including your truly helping Ismael with some of the speaker recruitment. It has been fascinating to see how virally it has come together in a month. In fact, you have the date wrong. It was moved up a day just a week or so ago. The hotel just got confirmed. It redefines Just in time for conference planners…I guess that is the spirit of web 2.0…

    having said all that, Susan I am just as excited about neat stuff happening in predictive analytics, mobility, sensor telemtry, BPO, open source, virtualization, …we need to be careful and look at web 2.0 as just one small piece of the innovation cycle…which is why I am calling its impact on the enterprise 1.6, not 2.0.

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