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The Brits throw that word around a lot. But, David Tebbutt proves his authentic brilliance in this slide presentation on new technologies. The more I coach new users on adopting enterprise 2.0 tools, I realize it all begins with education. Fantastic visual presentations like this in our body of knowledge makes it so much easier. (Plus, I generally learn something from these presentations!) There are comments on David’s blog to turn this presentation into a YouTube video which could be more easily distributed around the web. I’m all for that. I hope he chooses to do it– for the good of the glorious cause, of course.

Side note: David also did a fairly entertaining podcast with Maggie Fox on her Social Media Today podcasting series. I’ve been catching up on her weekly podcasts on my trips to the gym. David’s interview had me cracking up on the treadmill. I highly recommend downloading all the Social Media Today podcasts. Maggie chooses at least one member of the Social Media Collective to interview every week. The podcasts come out on Wednesdays.

Author: Susan Scrupski

Longtime fan of technology to improve humanity.

7 thoughts on “Brilliant!”

  1. Hi Susan. The tragedy is that I’m not even in Vienna!!

    I was invited but couldn’t go because of a diary clash.

    Would you believe that the clashing appointment was cancelled.

    Oh well, at least I’m getting on with the annual accounts «groan»

  2. Dear David, what time is it in Vienna? Sounds like a good time is be’n had by all. Despite your poor commenting performance here, I won’t let that influence a change of headline. Have a toast to me– toiling away here in the boring USofA.

  3. Hey Susan – thank you so much for your kind words. While I have absolutely enjoyed each and every podcast so far, David’s stands out as having been one of the most entertaining to record!

  4. Susan, you are more than kind. Thank you.

    My arm is getting twisted. I guess the YouTube won’t be far away. I’m still exercised over how long it should be. I can either do a long one or try and group the themes and do a small series of short ones.

    Any thoughts welcome. Thanks.

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