Love WordPress?– Me too; just don’t live here.

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I love my WordPress blog, but there are certain things you cannot do if you host your blog on WordPress. Like ZoHo Polls, for instance. I wanted to get a poll out about the Davenport/McAfee debate, but couldn’t get the poll to show up on my blog. So, I asked my BSG web 2.0 (can I say geek with affection?) buddy Brian to help me out… the conversation went like this:

3:42 PM bmagierski: ok, got it to work on my wordpress blog using the RunPHP plugin that i Have installed … wordpress strips out iframes by default it seems, so I tricked it by sticking the iframe into php code

however, i don’t think i can install the RunPHP editor in your hosted blog

3:43 PM me: good job, zorg! (i have no idea what you just said)

bmagierski: i found a couple of other tricks that I’m testing

do you want me to post the poll on my blog too?

me: yes, the idea will be to get as many bloggers to post the poll as possible

3:45 PM bmagierski: Ok, but i’m still trying to get it to work on your blog!

me: keep the faith, young jedi knight!

In the end, Brian discovered WordPress won’t allow something-or-other so I can’t post the poll on my blog. You can see it all explained here from WordPress. If you don’t host your blog on WordPress, please consider hosting the poll on your blog. I’m curious to see who will win the popular vote.

You can see the poll on Brian’s site and this is the code to post it on your site:

<iframe frameborder=’0′ src=’’ width=’260′ height=’210′></iframe>

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