Practical How-to’s for Enterprise 2.0 Missionaries

Wikipatterns BookThe one-two punch in Enterprise 2.0 is still blogs and wikis. It will probably be that way for a while, as so much of the large enterprise territory is still uncivilized terrain. A nice holiday gift this season for your favorite client, boss, colleague, partner, what-the-heck– give it to your mother-in-law– is Stewart Mader’s Wikipatterns which is now available in book form and available online.

I credit Stewart (Mader), the book’s author, with my magnificent enterprise 2.0 makeover from “Wiki Witch of the East” to “Gentle, Caring Collaborararian.” When I first discovered the freedom and ease of collaboration with wikis, I just could not stand the dreaded GROUP EMAIL. So, I posted a note here on the blog and a witch photo on our internal social network with a caption that reads, “Susan will come fly to your office and cast an e2.0 spell that will wipe out your hard drive if you add her to a group email list… before thinking wiki.” I think I scared everyone silly.

But, I soon discovered Stewart’s wikipatterns site. Much to my sheer humiliation and profound shame, I discovered I was a wiki bully. I have since changed my wicked ways. I can be seen, on occasion, when I can’t possibly help it, holding my hands over my ears when my colleagues relate to me grisly stories from the front about how documents and presentations are sometimes emailed to and fro to be tracked with editing changes & rev numbers & master copies and then docs are re-routed (emailed) to groups for more revisions, and so on (and on and on). It’s just too much for an Enterprise 2.0 evangelist to bear.

There is a better way. Here is an excerpt from Wikipatterns: exerpt from wikipatterns

For those of us who think this is just old hat, remember it’s not the chorus that needs preach’n to. Wikis are still a radically new phenomenon in the corporate landscape in the enterprise and can be viewed with suspicion at worst and confusion at best. Wikipatterns will go far to help educators, vendors, evangelizers, consultants, and enthusiasts spread the gospel good news on how sharing and collaborating is done in the New Age of web 2.0 Enterprise adoption.

Quick! Quick! (which is what wiki stands for in Hawaiian), order your copy today! 🙂

Author: Susan Scrupski

Longtime fan of technology to improve humanity.