Happy Anniversary to ITSinsider

I appreciate bloggers who celebrate their longevity… I decided to give myself an atta girl today. I started this blog two years ago, the end of January 2006. At the time, I had NO idea what I was doing, what I was going to track in the market– let alone blog about. It’s somewhat comical looking back now at my early journey back into the workforce from being out over 5 years as a stay-at-home-Mom.

Happy Anniversary

I’m pretty happy with how it all turned out, despite my rocky beginnings, fits and starts. I’m seriously enjoying blogging and participating in the global conversation.

I might even suggest I’ve learned more in these past two years about people and technology than I did in the prior two decades combined.

Exciting times and interesting friends. What more could a career woman ask for?

Thanks for reading.

Author: Susan Scrupski

Longtime fan of technology to improve humanity.

10 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to ITSinsider”

  1. Good work Susan,

    It is indeed hard work keeping up a tech blog nowadays and the fact that you have been at it for 2 years is great. Here’s to a Happy 3rd anniversary in January 2008.

  2. Hey, Congratulations on your blogiversary. I am also a SAHM, who just starting blogging yesterday. Remember the day you started? That feeling of uncertainty and FUN! All the best, Linda Ann

  3. Congratulations Susan! I think the best blogs are written by the people out there applying technology in real world organizations. Your blog is invaluable.


  4. Congratulations! Another metric worthy of tracking is how many new (and hopefully, worthy!) blogs your efforts have inspired? It’s one thing to create and sustain a blog people find useful, informative and stimulating – and want to come back to time and again. It’s quite another to “spread the wealth” and inspire and lead others into the blogosphere! Thanks for your generosity with your thoughts and insights, and for your willingness to lead others into the unknown.

  5. Congrats. It’s good to hear it wasn’t all roses from the begining. It’s a real achievement to stick with your blog, grow and nurture it. Especially during the times you wonder what the hell you are doing!

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