Happy New Year!

Lots of folks on Twitter today this first day of 2008. Lots of reflecting, predicting, resolving going on… For my part, I took up Luis Suarez’s challenge to participate in his “Eight things you don’t know about me.” This is a fun blogging game of tag, somewhat, where we all randomly choose other bloggers to reveal morsels about themselves that we may not otherwise glean from regularly reading of their blogs. I chose to start a personal blog this year, so I included my “8 things” over there.

I then tagged these folks:

  • Todd Stephens, Collaborage blog. Also author of Trademark 2.0, which I highly recommend.
  • Maggie Fox, Social Media Group blog. Ms. Fox is the IT GIRL in corp. social media. We all need to know 8 more things about her.
  • JP Rangaswami, Confused of Calcutta blog. I think JP is approaching deity status; does he need an introduction?
  • Stephanie Agresta, Internetgeekgirl blog. I don’t know Stephanie, but I hear she claimed “Jersey Girl” before I could. She always seems to be having a lot of fun, and I’ve been following her on Twitter.
  • Shiv Singh, Going Social Now blog. Shiv is just one of those smart cats in the blogosphere. Hope he participates!
  • Thomas Otter, Vendorprisey blog. Thomas is my lone EI pick. He is a man of many surprises. I welcome his secrets.
  • Mike Stopworth. Mike is CEO of Cerebra, South Africa’s leading social media consultancy and one of the “planet’s special people.”
  • Vaughan Merlyn. IT Organization Circa 2017. Vaughan is my lone BSG Alliance pick. I’ve been coaching him on blogging. He’s a brilliant guy; I just need him to start linking more… Sorry Vaughan! It’s a little tough love. 🙂

My comment facility isn’t working correctly yet on the new blog, either, so anyone can comment here in the interim on that post.

As we roll into the New Year, I am wishing all ITSinsiders a tremendous ’08. May the web with with you– each and every one group!

Author: Susan Scrupski

Longtime fan of technology to improve humanity.

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Hi Susan!! Happy New Year to you, too!! Wish you lots and lots of prosperity and good health for the new year and a wonderful 2008! Hope this time around we get a chance to meet up face to face at some point!

    Really enjoyed your blog post on the 8 things meme and decided to comment over here in your business blog (Since the comments on the other personal blog are still a bit dodgy 😉 )

    Not sure where the 8 things came from. I was tagged twice over a short period of time and both blog posts came to me as the 8 things meme, so thought it’d be something to do with the fact that since 5 seems to be the standard, let’s go and play it differently. Must say I’ve been reading through a bunch of the links you and Maggie generated and have found the different entries fascinating! Thanks for taking the plunge and for diving into it!

    w.r.t. “I’m going to start peeling back layers in ‘08. If I lose friends based on who I really am, those are probably friends who wouldn’t sync with me over time anyway. Truthfully, I’m hopeful I’ll pick up a few friends “in my suit” who will complement my journey.“, Oh my… I’ve been thinking about this very same thing myself during the holiday break and have decided to follow a similar trend!!! Goodness, never thought I’d be relating to something like this so close to your thoughts, Susan. Scary, I tell you, but I guess that’ll help keep our relationship going! 🙂

    Oh, boy, and it gets even weirder, since we seem to be sharing a similar start with our families, although mine would be at this side of the pond. Couldn’t help giggling about a couple of your comments above and perhaps something I may refer back to in an upcoming meme blog post follow up, which I am sure will come around sooner or later 😉

    Happy New Year, Susan!!

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