Who is the Leading Voice on Enterprise 2.0?

Jevon MacDonald and I have been chatting about thought leadership on Enterprise 2.0. The “un-market” is nearly 2 years old and several new voices have emerged. Niall Cook, who is now the Worldwide Director of Marketing Technology at Hill & Knowlton and an early member of the community with the social bookmarking company he founded, Cogenz, has put together an impressive list of leading voices. Niall is also waiting any day now for the proof/review copies of his upcoming Enterprise 2.0 book which should be in print by June. I’m very much looking forward to reading Niall’s work.

I’m re-posting Niall’s “Enterprise 2.0 Oscars” in its entirety for your review:

The Enterprise 2.0 Oscars

Jevon MacDonald asks who the Enterprise 2.0 leaders are on the FASTForward blog:

Who are the up and coming stars and who are the blowhards? Who are the hidden gems and who do you think has it all wrong? Who is out there doing the hard work and not getting any credit?

I’ve already made one rather flippant comment, but on a more serious note here’s a list of all those I came across during the course of researching and writing my book who I consider to be the leaders, and why.

The Enterprise 2.0 Oscar Nominations (without the writers’ strike) are…

The Clairvoyance Award (for seeing what’s next)

The Deja Vu Award (for seeing it all years ago)

The Plain English Award (for explaining Enterprise 2.0)

The Innovators Award (for leading by example)

  • René Bonvanie for using Facebook as Serena Software’s intranet
  • Keely Flint for BUPA’s use of social bookmarking for knowledge management
  • Ludovic Fourrage for Microsoft’s internal YouTube-esque service
  • Rich Manalang for building Oracle’s IdeaFactory in 24 hours
  • Euan Semple for the BBC’s talk.gateway
  • Nathan Wallace for replacing Janssen-Cilag’s intranet with a wiki

The Wake Up and Smell the Coffee Award (for making business leaders consider Enterprise 2.0 seriously)

  • Marthin de Beer, Cisco Systems
  • Dennis Moore, SAP
  • Thomas Vander Wal, InfoCloud Solutions

The Voice of Reason Award (for bringing everyone back down to earth)

The Direct to Consumer Award (for bypassing the IT department)

  • Ross Mayfield for identifying the ‘enterprise target with consumer approach’
  • Peter Sondergaard for highlighting the trend in consumerisation of IT
  • Ben Worthen for exposing the ’shadow’ IT department

The Just Do It Award (for practical approaches to getting started)

And the winners are…?

If you have new voices to add to this list, please comment on Niall’s or Jevon‘s blogs, so we can keep the suggestions somewhat orderly. 🙂


Author: Susan Scrupski

Longtime fan of technology to improve humanity.

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  1. Thanks for reproducing this, Susan. Obviously this list just represents those I came across during the course of researching my book, where I could link to something demonstrating their credentials. I’m sure there are many, many more who are just getting on with it without necessarily telling the world.

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