What the heck are Enterprise 2.0 vendors talking about?

Hutch Carpenter, a product manager at Connectbeam, mashed up this Wordle on what 10 leading enterprise 2.0 vendors are talking about on their sites. Vendors include:

  1. Jive Software
  2. SocialText
  3. Connectbeam
  4. Atlassian Confluence
  5. Six Apart Movable Type
  6. Newsgator
  7. Traction Software
  8. Near-Time
  9. SpikeSource SuiteTwo
  10. Worklight

See Hutch’s post here.

Author: Susan Scrupski

Longtime fan of technology to improve humanity.

3 thoughts on “What the heck are Enterprise 2.0 vendors talking about?”

  1. Hi,
    First time came to your blog, looks very interesting.
    WOW!..so many Enterprise 2.0 tools and here we are too much occupied with Sharepoint portal.

  2. Really great list- nice to see that there are many enterprise 2.0 solutions out there. Social networking services are definitely going to be big within the business community. Corporate social platforms are useful for many reasons and will dramatically enhance internal and external communications between staff and customers.
    I do think though that one platform I have come across recently whilst researching HR platforms has stood out because of the sheer creativeness and innovation attached to it. http://www.brandstation.tv/

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