Enterprise 2.0 Demystified

Novell hired me to do a short webinar explaining the chronology of Enterprise 2.0 and some of the key challenges in embracing it. I created this presentation which has a visual I am continuing to refine that explains e20 relative to the social memes. I created this presentation before the meme wars began this week. Enterprise 2.0 still works to define the business of enterprise transformation for the folks who are currently committing talent and investment to transforming large organizations.

In my experience the word “social” has always presented problems in the enterprise. Management exposed to the philosophies of 2.0 thinking, aren’t keen to encourage socializing in the enterprise, but are very willing to improve working. I saw a similar post by Chris Yeh on this theme. Also, we had a good chat internally in the Council about the meme wars, and members expressed their frustration in a wholesale change to the labeling of the sector. It will cause practical disruption and well as introduce confusion at a time when many in the organization were just starting to “get it.”

Many readers of this blog will be receiving an invite to our 2.0 Adoption Community that is still scheduled to launch tomorrow. I hope we can continue this discussion there with an eye toward improving the experience for the most valuable players in this conversation: the customers who are valiantly trying to get this done.

Author: Susan Scrupski

Longtime fan of technology to improve humanity.

5 thoughts on “Enterprise 2.0 Demystified”

  1. Hi Susan – great work!

    On slide #13, however, I would suggest something other than “firewall” to describe what is internal/external to the enterprise. With the diversity of location, devices, partners, and networks comprising the modern enterprise, the concept of firewall, or that there is some kind of secure perimeter, is becoming moot. Rather, it is the security classification of the data itself which determines its “sharability.” Thus, the same kinds of collaboration are occurring within, across, and outside of the enterprise’s control.

  2. Love it – well articulated.

    Being a ‘Work 2.0’ leader, I might also add that within the E2.0 blue circle on slide 13 that there is a descriptor entitled ‘culture’ and/or ‘community driven hierarchy’.

    E2.0 is absolutely emboldened by a Hamel or Malone ‘future of work’ model.

    Tools, social concepts, people, geographies are integral of course; but a more heterarchical culture seals the deal for E2.0 adoption.

  3. Hi Susan,

    Good slides. However you may want to differentiate Social Media (content) from Social Networks (connections).

    This is an important distinction.

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