Enterprise Social Networks are hot for ’09. But, are you ready?

Thanks to the AWESOME new e20global Twitter ID list, I found @sameerpatel‘s tweet on Deloitte’s new report on Social Networks for the Enterprise. Deloitte is predicting nearly half a billion dollars will be spent in 2009 on internal and external social networking solutions. Similarly, Pew Internet released a report this month that demonstrates casual use of social networks is growing in leaps and bounds for adults in the U.S. which means the concept of a “Facebook for the Enterprise” will be more familiar and possibly welcome.

So, social networking for the enterprise is coming, but will you be ready?

To find out, you might want to try NewsGator’s new nifty assessment tool. It’s really easy to use and it’s free. Regardless of how your organization does on the assessment, it’s a great conversation starter to begin the discussion surrounding the goals for collaboration and social networking at your company or organization.


The SCORE tool takes you through a series of simple questions, and then makes recommendations on vendor-neutral tools and benefits you can expect from your social networking and collaboration efforts. And I’ve said this before, if you’re considering SharePoint, you simply must talk to NewsGator. Its Social Sites offering is a social goodness booster to MOSS. Check it out, srsly.