More fun with Enterprise 2.0 diagrams

Thanks for all the help and suggestions on the collaborative work of art in my last post. I’m still getting to making corrections/suggestions that came in on the comments. In the meantime, you can help yourself to the diagram, as Nathan Gilliatt did. It’s now much improved, adding Business Intelligence. Just shoot me an email, and I’ll invite you to the collaborative space on Vyew.

Also, thanks to Sandy Kemsley for re-posting on Stowe’s blog.

In my daily Starship Enterprise 2.0 cruise throughout the galaxy, I came across this awesome diagram from Mazyar Hedayat‘s pm blog. Check it out:

UPDATE: hat tip @tebbo. This chart was originally created by one of my favorite e2.0 people in the blogosphere– Dr. Todd Stephens who is an accomplished author, blogger, and enterprise collaboration guru. Check out the original post here (the link displays the image more clearly too).

New UPDATE 8/12: Dr. Todd added the customer benefits of e2.0 in a revised graphic. Check it out here.