2 thoughts on “Dow tops 12,000”

  1. Jason– my broker doesn’t call me anymore. 🙂 Thanks for pointing out the ratio. Incidentally, what do you define as “early stage VC?” What are the metrics? Investment/time?

  2. Susan,

    Key point here is the Dow versus the Nasdaq Composite. Remember that the Nasdaq hit 5,000 during the peak of the bubble, when the Dow was 2x that. Even now, with the blistering run of the last few months in all the U.S. indices, the Dow is 5x the Nazzy. That’s a much better “simplistic” barometer for tech valuations vis-a-vis the overall equity market.

    I think we’re approaching a tech bubble in early stage VC, but that’s not what your broker cares about. 😉

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