OneDotOh Sucked for a Lot of Us; HOWEVER…

There I said it. Can we move on now? (I hope this blog isn’t getting streamed into the Crispy News aggregator yet. But blogging is kind of the HBO of published media, isn’t it? We can get away with the occasional bad word. IDG did let me write “bitchonce, though. I thought that was pretty brave.) I’m not one to use offensive language, but I’m done of bemoaning the web 1.0 crash and its band of thieves, especially in the B2B sector. The best quote I heard on the subject was Harley Manning from Forrester who said, “After irrational exuberance, there was irrational pessimism.”

I’m excited and not ashamed to admit it about web 2.0 and startup Enterprise 2.0 companies. I’m once again making stock deals with my clients. I’m thinking about the potential of a re-energized IPO market. Let’s hope second time is a charm for all of us that wiped out on the first killer wave.

What’s your take?

Author: Susan Scrupski

Longtime fan of technology to improve humanity.