Seeking: Beef

Where’s the beef on enterprise 2.0? I came across this post by Yoav Ezer, CTO of Cogniview. Ezer is making the point that if we can’t clearly articulate the benefits of adopting web 2.0 alternatives in the enterprise (in measurable terms), it’s going to be hard to recruit insurgents for the revolution. Okay, I’m paraphrasing.

He has an excellent point, however. We know that when you start using wikis, blogs, other social platforms like Twitter, it’s fun and has personal benefits. But what are tangible benefits to the enterprise? I have seen examples on the web, but we’re due for some “breakout business model” case studies of how enterprise 2.0 is reinventing user departments or IT delivery for that matter…

I know Dion Hinchcliffe and Andrew McAfee always solicit these stories. If you have some, please share!

Author: Susan Scrupski

Longtime fan of technology to improve humanity.

3 thoughts on “Seeking: Beef”

  1. Susan – non-sequitor. On one hand you say CIOs are too lazy to adopt web 2.0, then you look for enterprise case studies? -) Ross at Socialtext should have a few. Ismael and Zoli probably can point to some Office 2.0 adoptions…

  2. Susan, you’re seeking something that doesn’t exist. Don’t forget that 99% of today’s business computing deployments are about doing right brain stuff. Business does not get the left brain stuff and even if it did, there would be no ‘crusade.’ Being creative is about…being creative. If you agree with that line of reasoning behind web 2.0 ‘stuff’ then there is no re-invention but evolution.

    It might be worth checking out where ‘we’ are in the hype cycle. I think you’ll find we’re flying down that trough of disillusionment. Don’t expect to find ‘breakout business models’ any time soon. Not in large enterprises.

    Do however expect to see companies taking alternative technology routes to be more effective – eg open source. If you’re predicating your thinking on some miraculous blinding flash of insight that goes viral – forget that too. It doesn’t and will not happen in enterprises. There are way too many levers and controls in the way. Instead expect to see small steps, carefully taken. Check Euan Semple’s discussions about the reality of bringing change in arguably one of the most moribund yet creative organisations anywhere – BBC. Or take a look at Headshift. They tell it as it is.

    Atlassian should have some good stories. I will – but not until later in the year.

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