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In the 90s I remember a line I once wrote about EDS who was in a constant struggle to overcome IBM Global Services. I was referencing an EDS executive who would always say in speeches how “EDS is going to be the IBM of the 21st century.”

The line I wrote back then was,

“Imagine [EDS’s] surprise when IBM turned out to be the IBM of the 21st century.”

I thought of that line today when I listened to Maggie Fox’s podcast with Louis Suarez (whom I think the world of). Louis works for IBM somewhere in Spain, but reports to a Netherlands office. He holds meetings on Second Life, so it doesn’t really matter where he is physically. I guess Louis qualifies as an adult version of Generation G that Vinnie Mirchandani has been promoting.

IBM has never failed to impress me (okay, nothwithstanding OS/2). The company was originally founded in 1888, taking on the IBM name in 1924. Although it has been widely condemned to extinction with each passing paradigm shift, the company finds its way to continue innovating. To hear Louis talk about what he’s doing at IBM with such enthusiasm and unquestioned credibility, makes me proud that I’ve been a Big Blue fan for so many years.


Author: Susan Scrupski

Longtime fan of technology to improve humanity.

4 thoughts on “IBM– still innovating”

  1. Ya, I’m really impressed with what IBM’s doing in this space. I think they really should have shed the word “Lotus” from their Lotus Connections product, but I can’t wait to get my hands on it and see what it can do. I’ve been very impressed with Dogear and QEDWiki.

  2. Hi Susan! Thanks ever so much for sharing such a wonderful and kind post. I must say that I can relate to the stuff you mentioned above. Those exact same things are the same ones that make me proud of working for IBM as well after 10 years and for keeping the challenge going. Specially in such exciting times as nowadays where social computing finally seems to be making the waves into large corporations, like IBM.
    I must say that I enjoyed quite a bit the link to Vinnie’s weblog entry as I can relate to it a bit as well. Yes, the adult version 😉 heh So thanks for those kind comments as well.
    I am glad you have enjoyed the podcast and stay tuned because over the course of the following few months I shall be sharing some of the exciting things that are going on inside IBM in the social computing and innovation space.
    @ Maggie, LOL ! That would be another one to be added to the list. There are just so many of them that I lost count! And despite that things keep moving along, so I would not be surprised that it would eventually change. Or, at least, try to. We shall see. Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to podcast with you! That was some really good fun!

  3. I really, really enjoyed the podcast with Luis – he’s so inspiring and enthusiastic!

    Now, if IBM could just lose the culture that gave rise to the joke that “IBM” stands for “I’ve Been Married”, that would be really innovative!

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