Wow– Software2007 is shaping up to be some gig

A few of our CIO customers (along with Steve P) are going to be on a few panels at the Software2007 conference in Santa Clara this week– May 8-9. Out of curiosity, I asked MR this morning for the media registration list. He sent me a list of over 100 reporters, editors, bloggers, and analysts including A-lists from every genre. I was really impressed. they’re expecting over 2,000 attendees. I had no idea the conference was so well known and widely attended. I was under the impression it was more of an insidery Valley software VC get-together. I don’t know why I thought that. Maybe because of its affiliation with Now I regret not going!

Oh well, I’ll look forward to the reports, as always.

On other gig news, I got a disappointing call from Francois Gossieaux that the Enterprise 2.0 Rave was canceled. That elicited a big c’est dommage from me and much empathy for poor M. Gossieaux who was in the unfortunate position of having to call a host of influential bloggers and tell them the party failed to draw a guest list. I know they’re still working on some backup plans, so we’ll see if something can be salvaged. In the end, it shouldn’t surprise too many people. It’s a testament to the power of time-tested market research. Take your standard bell curve– Enterprise 2.0 is somewhere in the beginnings of early adoption and Francois had an unusual, innovative approach to enlighten these early adopters– therefore, statistically, about 2 people should have probably registered, which sounds about right judging from Francois’ tone. Aww, I’m just having a little fun with research, but it is true that there weren’t enough people signed up to justify the expense of holding the event, and after all, it was backed by VCs not conference organizers, so they had no problem pulling the plug.

Speaking of VCs, we announced our first round financing today. A nice $20M validation from Silicon Valley (including Foundation Capital and Hummer Winblad) that we’re onto something. I guess I can file my expense report now. 😉

Author: Susan Scrupski

Longtime fan of technology to improve humanity.