Enterprise 2.0: what’s in and what’s out?

I found myself surprised that Euan Semple is a Facebook user. I asked him about it, and he says it’s not just for kids, “There are loads of my friends in Facebook and it is good at helping us be social.” he replied. And like a select few of the bloggers I follow, I have not succumbed to the Twitter addiction, but find myself a little jealous that Stowe Boyd is now a friend of John Edwards and Barack Obama if only for a few random minutes at a time.

Social media knocked me over again last week reading the reports from my fellow Enterprise Irregulars who were blogging at Sapphire– SAP’s flagship conference for its friends and fans. This screen shot of SAP’s Harmony, an internal MySpace/Linked-in of sorts, got forwarded immediately to our head of HR. We’ve been using Ning for our internal communications– which we are really having a lot of fun with, but seeing this, I realized how much more fun we could have if we customized Ning for our company– and then for our customers.

SAP's Harmony

Harmony screen courtesy Craig Cmehil

What really caught my eye last week was Stephen Danelutti’s initial attempt at drawing up a framework for enterprise 2.0. I comb the web daily for enterprise 2.0 posts and news, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone take a stab at defining what is including specifically in the definition. For instance, we probably all agree that McAfee’s SLATES is included (Search, Links, Authoring, Tags, Extentions, and Signals). This would include all blog, wiki, and search technology. McAfee talks a lot about predictive markets too, though. I would add mash-ups, most SaaS apps, and anything AJAX-built, no? I don’t have Dion Hinchcliffe’s gift for drawing diagrams, but I’d love to hear some input on this.

Author: Susan Scrupski

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3 thoughts on “Enterprise 2.0: what’s in and what’s out?”

  1. Hi Stephen. I’ll have to check out the new Yourdon Mindmap. I had written about it last Fall. http://susanitsa.wordpress.com/2006/09/06/ancient-geek/ I soooo agree with you it’s more than just the technology. In many conversations I’ve had on this topic, I’ve argued it’s not the technology, but it’s a profound social-political cultural shift that’s taking shape. I loved, in fact, the best video all year I’ve seen on YouTube on web 2.0 was done by the anthropologist from Kansas U.

  2. Hey Susan

    Re your point on drawing up a framework for enterprise 2.0 and what to include I totally agree that something like McAfee’s SLATES should be considered, let alone what someone like Dion would include (I am in touch with him on this by the way, thanks to you :)). My framework is far to limited but useful to convey basics. It also covers much more than just technology. I’d love to come up with something like Ed Yourdon has done with Mindmaps for Web 2.0 (check out the Web 2.0v033.pdf in the download section of his site) because then you can get into the level of granularity probably required…

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