Twitter ID your conference badge

Wouldn’t it be great if you could display your Twitter ID on your badge, so your Twitter friends & followers recognize you? I created a handy way to add my Twitter photo and ID to any conference badge. I simply took a screen shot of my ID and inserted it into a label form I found on the web. I then printed them on label paper.

I will take these Twitter labels with me to every conference, meetup, workshop, etc. that I attend and simply attach them to the conference-issued badge. Easy! And what a great conversation-starter for Twitter friends and fans, the Twitter-curious, or the Twitter-unenlightened.

Author: Susan Scrupski

Longtime fan of technology to improve humanity.

4 thoughts on “Twitter ID your conference badge”

  1. Great idea! I just shared it on Twitter for a conference. Maybe conference organizers will allow Twitter IDs to be added on future badges.

  2. Great idea! I attended a Social Media Breakfast this Wednesday and spent the whole time wishing I’d brought better ID… putting (@dpritchett) on a business card or ID badge would be great.

    Side note, do you think I should set up another Twitter account using my blog’s name (@SharingAtWork)? It seems like a neat idea… I’ll set one up via TwitterFeed for now and leave it until I decide what needs doing.

    I have recently become a big fan of the Wikinomics blog which is how I found you (well, the blog led me to via @txaggie94 who led me here.)

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