Open Letter to @dahowlett… Customers at #e20conf?

My good friend, Dennis Howlett (@dahowlett), has been a thoughtful critic of Enterprise 2.0 for many years.   Most of the time I agree with his analysis (unfortunately, as he tends to suck the wind out of the hype balloon).  I saw a tweet this morning from Dennis who was simply asking, “…many customers with stories at E20?”  Sorry for eavesdropping on your question to @rhappe, but I felt compelled to blog my answer.

The answer from my vantage point is: this year’s customers/buyers are so plentiful, I am falling over them.  In our unconference session yesterday, the customer stories were riveting.  They came to find answers to their roll-out questions, not necessarily from us (the spin/guru machine), but from each other.  I was rendered speechless for most of the discussion topics.

In short, the Enterprise 2.0 movement is beginning to show real life.  There are real war stories replete with joys and challenges.  And even though I’d probably say the “0” in Enterprise 2.0 still stands for startup profitability, I will definitely confirm: Yes, @dahowlett, there is a Santa Claus.  Customers are interested and engaged in socio-collaborative technology.  So much so that I’ve finally found a business model that makes sense for my own company here. (More on that later.)

This post is just a quick update.  I will be posting my annual “reflections” post when I return to Austin.

p.s. I wish you were here, really! (@dahowlett and all skeptics).

Author: Susan Scrupski

Longtime fan of technology to improve humanity.