ITSinsider is looking for love not work… :-)

humptydumptyI read an old-fashioned user-generated column in Newsweek this week where a young woman quoted her mother as saying, “…finding a job you love means never working a day in your life.” For the past nearly two years, I’ve had the special privilege to cover the Enterprise 2.0 sector as an employee of nGenera. Hands down, I have had the best job in the business. I’ve met extremely bright people and have had the opportunity to listen to real Enterprise customers as they struggle with the choices related to introducing 2.0 into their large enterprise environments.

I will continue to work with nGenera, as the company continues on its journey. But I will continue as an independent, not an employee. Although, admittedly, it’s scary facing the prospect of not having a salary during oh, say, the worst economic crisis ever in my adult life time, I remain optimistic. Let’s just say I’m taking a huge leap of faith that dictates when I jump off this ledge, there will be a large, strong net– the social web– ready to catch me. I’ve been inspired by so many in the 2.0 community to trust, to share, to work together to achieve common goals. Now I’m putting my own rhetoric to the test. Is there a market here or not?

I hope you’ll help me prove there is. If you’re interested in speaking to me about any way I can help your organization grapple with 2.0, or if you’re a vendor who feels misunderstood and under-appreciated, you know where to find me– I’ll be home, here on the social web. I look forward to having a conversation.

And, if you really want to help, but don’t have a budget (lol), do me a social networking solid and leave me a recommendation on LinkedIn.

Author: Susan Scrupski

Longtime fan of technology to improve humanity.

9 thoughts on “ITSinsider is looking for love not work… :-)”

  1. Hi Susan,
    a bit late with this comment, just to send you my best wishes that I’m sure will be easily turned into reality.

    Everybody into this space knows very well how you are THE ENTERPRISE 2.0 HUB, one of the few people able to make incredible things happen in a very short time frame. You have helped me and many others a plenty of times to build fundamental and long lasting connections on both sides of the pond.

    This kind of vision, visibility, trust and experience is what customers really need into the enterprise 2.0 journey.

    Best best wishes from Italy,

  2. Hi Susan – best of luck. If you remember, we chatted at Defrag about all the ways one can make work, life, family work. I hope this change is one way for you and that our paths cross again soon.


  3. I’ve been a huge admirer of yours ever since we first started working together in the Summer of 2007. Like the other commenters, I’m infinitely confident that you will be busy and sucessful, while having to “work” only a few days in your career.

    Sincere best wishes,
    Erik Britt-Webb

  4. Susan, you have no bigger fan than me and your insight and work has really spoken for itself. Frankly I am glad to see you out there and hopefully this will be a chance to find another amazing spot to land.

    I am heading over to linkedin to endorse you now 🙂

  5. Hi Susan
    Congrats on taking the leap. There’s plenty of work to be done on the social enterprise front so your timing is in fact, excellent IMO.

    Wish you the best, Sameer

  6. Hi Susan,

    Awesome – That’s all that’s needed to be said about your decision and you.

    I am so with you in spirit and reality. I’m doing the same thing (starting something new) as you know so we’ll have to trade notes.

    Good Luck and Rock It!!!

  7. Hi Susan,

    I wish you tremendous luck and I have little doubt that you’ll find plenty to do. It’s a down market overall but not in our little sector, which as you know I believe is key to solving many of the problems we face in society, business, and the world today.

    It’s terrific to see someone have the courage of their convictions and see where they can take life. I’ve done the same things for the last 3 years and can say truthfully I would do it again.

    Break a virtual leg and let me know if I can ever be of help!



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