The Chief Evangelist Officer – How does your CEO compare?

We have a wide range of experiences with executive support relative to adoption of 2.0 in the Enterprise.   Some of our members are ecstatic when their CEO blogs on an internal platform without first going through PR; some try to keep the initiative under the radar of the leading executives.  We’ve seen it all.

That said…

This video by member @ted_hopton‘s company, UBM, is the new standard-bearer.   For all of you battling for executive support, watch it and weep.  🙂

Of course, we all hate the fact UBM calls its socio-collaborative platform a Wiki, but we’ll take it.

Awesome job UBM team!

Author: Susan Scrupski

Longtime fan of technology to improve humanity.

One thought on “The Chief Evangelist Officer – How does your CEO compare?”

  1. Hi – Give me a break. Wikis are 15 years old. What took so long? What’s next, indoor plumbing?

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